My house? I’ll…be more comfortable here. The back door is pretty much always open. I have the first room to the left at the top of the stairs.

Okay, I’ll meet you there later tonight then?

(private) Okay. I'll admit. I skipped our meetings. I'm ready to show you why.

Private: Oh, really? Okay then, when and where do you want to meet?

If things weren’t bad enough…it snowed so much last night. Yay bodyswaps and snow :(

If things weren’t bad enough…it snowed so much last night. Yay bodyswaps and snow :(



Private: I never said it was easier, but it is a change that is hard for me to deal with. And you don’t know anything about my life other than the fact the I’m a werewolf. His whole brand this is the most annoying thing ever. The slow motion thing happens more often than I’d like and it hurts so much. I didn’t ask for all of this when I moved to Lima. I didn’t ask to become a werewolf, be switched with Mike, have to deal with his issues, none of it. But I am dealing with it the best I can. You know about the people you switched with. I didn’t. And Mike probably wasn’t the only wolf out there. There’s more than just him and Gabby.

You think I’m calling you a bitch because men do it all the time? No. I’m calling you a bitch because you cheated on your girlfriend at party in front of everyone. You embarrassed three people that night. You’re a bitch because you seem to think that there always as to be someone to blame. You’re a bitch because you don’t try to go past what you think you know and you jump to over exaggerated conclusions. You’re a bitch because you seem to think that everything you say and do is right but you’re not. You say that you’re doing this to protect people but I highly doubt you care about anyone other than yourself and and a few of your friends. And you can call me an idiot, a douche, an ass, what ever the fuck you want, but I know who I am and what I am. I’m not letting you, someone that almost makes sport in making lives hard, make me feel like a disappointment the way people always do. So I’m gonna figure this swap thing out without you, help Mike, and if you ever try to talk down to me again I won’t hold anything back. 

Private: Nobody asked for any of this though. Not a single person I know has asked for any of this crap to happen. I don’t so I apologise for any judgements I made. All I saw was that two people died, and one of my best friends was loose on his own. I know KC…that’s true but I still have no idea about the inner details of her life, which only goes to show me that I’ve been a shitty friend to KC. And no, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that he was more or less a completely new werewolf that had gotten out and was loose in Lima. Just that increases the chances of it being him.

And once again you’re judging me based on something you know nothing about. And there is someone to blame. I’m blaming all three of us. And I will always admit to being wrong. I am wrong about so many things…you know what? I’m not even going to bother to defend myself to you because regardless of what you say about me, you’re doing exactly the same by presuming you know the first thing about me. I’ve attempted multiple times in this conversation to acknowledge that I’m in the wrong too. I did take this to heart, because I don’t think you know how much Mike means to me. I’m sorry for anything I’ve said that’s upset you. I’m stressed, but we all are and I’m not helping things. And I’m just making them worse.

But don’t use things you don’t know about and try to throw them in my face. And don’t threaten me.



Private: I also had a full month of not knowing what was going to happen. I knew I’d change, but I didn’t really know what was going to happen, just like Mike. And you say he had all of a day like he was the only one. Mike’s life is much  different than mine. He has a family that he has to be around and he has this weird thing going on with his body, so those first days were hard for me too. Not all of us can be great like you and have this new body thing ready to keep werewolves safe.

Oh you helped Gabby? Well thats just dandy, it really is Quinn. I’m sure KC begged you to do it, because if you forgot to message me I’m sure you didn’t even think to message her or Taylor. So I’m not impressed.

Honestly, I’m kinda done with you. I don’t want to talk your help ever. With this or with being a werewolf. You’re a bit too much of a bitch for me. So keep your shelters, your tranquilizers, all of it. I don’t want it from you. I’m just done.

Private: Mike’s life and the whole body thing are easier than yours, like it or not. But fine tell yourself whatever you need to not to feel guilty about the fact that your inaction, as well as mine and Mike’s could have gotten two people killed. 

I did. She did, but i would have helped her regardless so don’t presume you know for a second, what  my motivations are. And I already knew about her and Taylor during the swap. I spoke to Taylor, and then I spoke to KC and we worked something out. Do I care whether you’re impressed or not? Not particularly. I don’t do things so that are people can be impressed.

That’s fine. It means I can free up time to help other people. And Nate, don’t call me a bitch. I might seem heartless or what not, but the one thing I’m not is a bitch. So don’t try and shame me with words that men throw at women all too often. 


Private: Are you kidding me right now? You’re really saying this is my fault? You only helped me because I begged you to. And you barely wanted to do it. He knew what was going to happen. He could’ve reached out to someone the way I did but he didn’t. He knows that those wolves are capable of because he was attacked by one. He never shuts up about it. So fuck you Quinn. It’s not my fault I’m a werewolf, or that he switched with me. Did you even help Gabby? Because she didn’t even know Taylor was a werewolf. Why do we all have to meet anyway?

Private: No Nate, I was the one who you asked for help from and I helped you, even though I didn’t want to. I then offered you help for every full moon after, which you turned down. I had no idea about Mike until after the first full moon, so I couldn’t extend him the same help. He might’ve known, but he still had no idea what was going to happen. You at least had a month to mentally plan and prepare yourself for that moment. He had all of a day. He woke up as you and I bet that freaked him out for quite sometime before he even registered what being you fully means. We had weeks to plan and for me to get you all the shit you needed to keep you and other people safe. He had a day and all he had was you. So yes, I partly blame you for the fact that Mike was outside on the first night. But you’re right, he could have done more…so it’s partly his fault too. And partly mine. Considering I saw it happening to at least two other pairs, I should have messaged you to see if you’d swapped with anyone. 

For your information, myself and KC helped Gabby and she’s been safe this whole time.

Because I don’t have any ideas and clearly you don’t either. Someone else might know or we might at least be able to figure it out.

W…what happened last night?



Hey!  I never said you never tried to help.  And yeah, he is kinda a bonehead about some stuff.  But c’mon, he’s not a bad guy and he’s trying.  And you’re…you’re mad cause it’s me…right?  I get that.  I understand that.  We’re all kinda…goin crazy.  I get that.  It’s dangerous as fuck and I’m scared half the time…

He’s trying, but trying just isn’t good enough as shitty as that sounds. And yes I’m mad because it’s you. You’re like one of my closest friends and one of the few people that actually understands me. And it is dangerous. People are dying and I don’t want you to be caught up in that. We’re all scared, but all we can do is help each other.

W…what happened last night?



He’s…Q you gotta give him some slack.  This…it’s not easy.  And the situation they’re in…its not the most ideal!  I mean c’mon!  He’s just learning this, he’s new just like we are.  We gotta find somethin better for these uh…lycans?

I don’t have to give him anything. I know it’s not easy. But that means its even more important for him to try and stay in control of this situation. We’re all only just learning this Mike, but he’s the idiot who managed to out himself and someone else in the process, if someone really looked into the things he said. Cutting him slack isn’t an option because every single person in Lima is in danger. Being on top of things minimizes the effects on us and other people. And you say that like I haven’t ever tried to help them.